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Liquid Rock

Transforming Wealth
& Financial Opportunity

Investment with Liquid Rock 

Investors have the opportunity to invest in a wide range of UK private property investments, co-investing on an individual basis. 

Investors can also gain access in the commercial property sector, where we source and undertake a range of high-quality projects that offer healthy investor returns. Our team has the professional investment experience in the UK property sector, recognising the most attractive and lucrative opportunities. 

Liquid Rock transforms wealth and financial opportunity

Performance driven by traditional investment planning

Maximising value for all our investors is at the core of our investment approach and philosophy

We only invest where we can measure risk and identify an exit route that offers the prospect of generating positive investor returns.

Risk is further managed by restricting investment to assets that are acquired for fair value at the point of entry, with upside potential, and by investing defensively using secure instruments with a healthy yield return. 

Liquid Rock takes great pride in being excellent investors, but more importantly in being exceptional risk managers. 

Our goal and focus is to make real investment management as simple as possible. 

Our strategy is to minimise risk in pursuit of achieving high targeted returns with professional performance, delivering solid results and profits. 

Investment Strategy - Enhancing Value 

Liquid Rock's core agenda in risk management is to ensure all investments are safe and solid

Our comprehensive expertise ensures that thorough due-diligence is performed on each and every investment opportunity. 

This professional due-diligence process safeguards each any every investment, before we proceed with any development project. 

The key to our success is by using traditional investment planning, covering and ensuring that we only invest in safe investment development projects, that also offer healthy investment returns. Our experience and expertise in the UK property sector is vital in safeguarding our investments as well as delivering the targeted investment results required.

As we are pro-active and productive in investing capital, our professional focus is to be sure that we get financially compensated. 

We are always focused on performance to attain absolute returns, delivering the results through our well-defined investment platform. 

Our philosophy is that all our fund investment strategies benefit from our expertise

Liquid Rock's focus is keeping our investment team perpetual in the market place, investing in high-quality projects with experienced and proven property developers, gives us a tremendous competitive advantageous in sourcing deal flow and investment opportunities. 

We aim to invest where value can be enhanced for high-quality real estate developments in prime locations. 

We only invest in developments with a strong income profile. 

Liquid Rock has the knowledge & understanding to recognise prime opportunities, transforming these opportunities into great investments. 

  • We actively pursue high calibre opportunities that present a healthy investment return. 
  • Our investment approach encompasses opportunities that can demonstrate attractive economic growth. 
  • We take pride in embracing opportunities that demonstrate value, and offer solid professional know how and expertise to any high-quality project.