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Liquid Rock

Welcome to Liquid Rock 

Liquid Rock is one of the UK's leading independent private equity and property investment firms headquartered in Mayfair, London. 

Liquid Rock is a real estate investment and asset management firm specialising in investment of all property types across the United Kingdom. 

Liquid Rock's strength of experience provides greater knowledge & understanding in the real estate market place, identifying lucrative property investment & development opportunities, transforming real estate opportunities into financial wealth. 

Liquid Rock provides a range of funding options specialising in investing in property development projects across the UK with 
experienced developers and asset management firms. 

We only target high-quality opportunities with successful developers in view of achieving maximum growth with a strategic goal.

Our UK wide investment team is able to offer funding solutions for attractive investment opportunities in the commercial and residential property development sectors. 


Our success is driven by a well-defined investment philosophy that delivers results

The cornerstone of our success is the provision of traditional investment strategies, always providing expert investment planning. 

Investments approached with expert knowledge and understanding.



Funding Solutions

Liquid Rock's diverse range of funds enables us to support companies across the length and breadth of the UK. 

We can provide the capital that back businesses at every stage of their growth cycle. 

Liquid Rock understands what it takes to invest in successful property development projects.  Our experienced investment executives come from a wide range of professional and commercial backgrounds enabling us to work in close partnership with key executives in each of our investee companies. 

We recognise that entering a new relationship with an investor can represent a significant change for a business and its management, particularly in parallel with embarking on a programme of development and growth. 

We therefore work collaboratively with each investee company, providing strategic and operational input as required, assisting management to shape and achieve their development goals. 

We only invest where we can measure risk and identify an exit route which offers the prospect of generating positive investment returns. Investment risk is further managed by restricting investment to assets, that can be acquired for fair value at the point of entry with upside potential and by investing astutely and definitively.